Aniqa Fatima

My paintings are on Sufi thoughts…how to develop your relation with Real Truth. It is a self-searching and self-transforming progress towards Real, I start reading books about what is not visible or what is visible is revelation towards Unknown…attain understanding between inner and outer world with intuition and meditation.
My idea is to make a work which stimulates thinking. I do abstract compositions with Arabic letters and Quranic words. I am also using abstract grid, I think that if we change our framework of thoughts we can have better outcome. My work is my spiritual journey to attain spiritual strength.
Feeling the transcending aspect of material, is the way I can achieve to know myself spiritually. It is step by step process each achievement is my own individual experience, through which I grow myself with the world.
It’s always my hope to create something which is meaningful to me and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of viewer.