Saeed Akhtar

Saeed Akhtar has reasserted the antecedents of his imperious style in this exhibition. In his work he emulates a bravura effect through his intellectual complexity of mastery in line blended with unabated luminous and resonant colors. A spectator inevitably is overwhelmed with an aura of trance and lyricism ever dwelling in his work. A viewer irresistibly is carried away with such resilient features. These deflected him from the earthly surrounding and float him rhythmically into a delightful world devoid of aggression and paradoxical sphere.

The imagery in painting is of a highly evocative nature suggesting the visionary power of the artist in the total ensemble of a painting. This effect is not accidental but is the result of his long practice in the pictorial art. This, of coarse, reifies his claim that in the so-called and self-styled modernist world of art, he remained asserting the virtue of naturalism. He has; indeed, with his inaudible voice is still loud with the platitude of his startling insight, thematic underlying stream and his personal doctrine. Altogether the work of Saeed Akhtar retains a powerful communicative message in contents and style. The novice and the professional artist must look towards him to seek knowledge. He is by and large a painter’s painter.