Tariq Javaid

A well known senior artist , Tariq Javed is a graduate of the Karachi School of Art. He feels that an artist should be free and not bound by a particular style. As a result, through the last three decades he has covered a wide range of artistic styles. From realistic to sami-abstract and abstract, his works are not of any one particular style or theme. He loves to experiment with different mediums. Connoisseurs and students of art look upon Tariq javed’s work as aesthetic statements from an artist who is somewhat different from the run-of-the mill variety. It is his commitment to art which seems to have invested him with vigor and an eye for details which makes his particular experience an aesthetic joy for lovers of art. Tariq’s main preoccupation has been with abstraction. With him, it is more than mere abstraction. It denotes his preoccupation with logical and mathematical realities. The moment they are reduced to abstract approximations they begin to look different-capable of creating great excitement.