Raja Changez Sultan

Raja Changez Sultan, former Director General of the National Council of the Arts is an artist of universal appeal, a phenomenon witnessed in numerous exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. his current exhibition displays the epic Himalayan odyssey series. The Divided Self, and his charcoal drawings - an exciting audacious investigation into the properties of form eschewing color.

the versatile artist creats images with words as well as paint, and is a published poet. He begun writing poems as a teenager and linking the discipline that hold him in thrall; the first line of the first poem he wrote inspired the celebrated body of paintings titled : The divided self. "When you look in the mirror do you see your image or an image of your image, or does your image see you, or, an image of you.

Raja Changez Sultan's work is linked in its various moods by a sense of timelessness, a fantasy that remains to haunt the viewer's memory.