Perveen Khan

My first exhibition as a student of the prestigious JJ School of Arts was held in 1960 at the well known Jehangir Art
Gallery in Bombay. The then Governor of Bombay Mr. Sri Prakasha inaugurated it. After I moved to Pakistan, in
1964 I took part in the all Pakistan painting competition, where I won first prize, a gold medal. Incidentally, the
second prize went to Ghulam Rasool who later became one of Pakistan’s best landscape painters.
I had my first exhibition at the Al Hamra Arts Council in Lahore in 1967. Mr Naeem Tahir was the chief guest. Then
in 1973 I had another exhibition at Ali Imams Gallery in Karachi . Two of my paintings were sold and later donated
to the National Art Gallery ( now in PNCA ) in Islamabad where they are part of the permanent collection. My
recent exhibition was held at the National Art Gallery at the PNCA last year in Jan 2022. My two works from the
permanent collection were displayed alongside with my recent paintings.
The progress in my practise of more than 60 years and working in several countries was interesting to see. I also
designed carpets that were woven for a small family business, which was to support carpet weavers and prevent
exploitation to children working in the industry. Over 15 years our designed and hand weaves carpets were exported
to Europe .I was still painting but could not give it as much time I then left for Canada to join my sons and while living
there I got back to my painting . The Pakistani Consulate in Toronto hosted an exhibition of my work. And I’m very
pleased they have two of my paintings on permanent display. I later moved to the US, but kept up my practise, taking
further art classes as well. I also took part in several art exhibitions.
Since all my paintings are of rural and urban Pakistani landscapes I have come to be known as a Pakistani landscape
painter. In Maryland where I live as well as the six states that surround it, I seem to be the only Muslim and only
Pakistani painter participating in these art exhibitions. My work has been very well received. I have won prizes
there and visitors to the galleries have been fascinated by Pakistans rich architecture and history. I work in oils and
with a palette knife. I took a liking for this medium whilst still an art student. I love the bold and dynamic strokes a
knife makes. I’ve never used a brush except for the initial drawing on the canvas.