Bin Qulandar

Bin Qullander

Date of Birth Born 7th March 1980 in Lahore, Pakistan.
Qualification 1999 In Arts Council, Lahore. 2 year Diploma in Fine Arts.
2004 In College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore. 1 year Professional Diploma in Graphic Design.
2005-2010 In National College of Arts, Lahore. Bachelor in Fine Arts, with a special focus on and specialization in Miniature Painting.
2011 Under the worshipful nurturing care of Khursheed Gohar Qalam:- From National College of Art, Lahore (1 year Professional Diploma in Classical Calligraphy
Career Experience:
10 Year Experience as Graphic Designer.
2008 EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP - National College of Arts, Lahore.
Prestigiously Awarded:
2008 MERIT PRIZE, Group Exhibition in National College of Arts, Lahore (Transformation)
2008 DISTINCTIVE YOUNG ARTIST PRIZE in International Calligraphic Exhibition, Lahore.
2013 AWARDED AS YOUNG EMERGING ARTIST by Ghazali Education Trust in National Calligraphy Exhibition Lahore
Exhibitions Solo Exhibitions:
2009 The Journey Hamail Art Galleries, Lahore Worshiping his Soul Creator, Bin Qullander took his first flight, in the field of Calligraphy Painting and fascinated the town with his audacious contemporary style of painting.
2009 Thesis Show, National College of Arts, Lahore Army and Taliban the changing face/ facelessness. Unwrapping the hidden realities of the Systam Bin Qullader enciphered the difference between known and unknown.
2010 WISDOM-ART SCENE GALLERIES, Karachi Moving out of town, Bin Qullander exhibited his second collection of paintings in Karachi enthralling his viewers despite the dismal atmosphere of Karachi at that moment.
2011 ALIFF-EJAZ GALLERIES, LAHORE, Bin Qullander spell bound the Art scenario, painted with dynamic color pallets the mural paintings fulfilling a life-long desire.
2012 WalQalam Hamail Art Galleries Dubai. Moving out of Country Bin Qullander Exhibited his 4th Solo Exhibition in Dubai with another passion that will create a new horizons in Arab world Annual Display of Islamic Calligraphy Since.
2002 Bin Qullander has been prestigiously curating an Art Exhibition on the cherished occasion of Eid Milad-un-Nabi (the birthday of Holy Prophet) specifically for his home town.

Public Permanent Display:
PICT Karachi Port, South City Hospital Karachi, Bahria Town Offices.
Donated a painting in Auction USA 2007 in the beneficiary of Shaukat Khanim Cancer hospital

Group Exhibitions:
1999 Young Calligraphic Artist Exhibition, Bhalwal.
2003 National Calligraphic Exhibition, Faisalabad Arts Council, Faisalabad.
2004 Young Calligraphic Art Exhibition, Lahore Museum, Lahore.
2006 International Calligraphy Exhibition, Calligraphic Artist Guild, Lahore.
2007 International Calligraphy Exhibition, Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore.
2007 International Calligraphy Exhibition, Calligraphic Artist Guild, Lahore.
2007 Khidonay, Tollinton Market, Lahore.
2008 Exhibition on Transformation, National College of Arts, Lahore.
2009 National Exhibition at Ejaz Galleries, Lahore.
2009 National Calligraphy Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Islamabad.
2010 Young Graduates Exhibition, V.M Art gallery, Karachi.
2010 Group Exhibition, Revivers Gallery, Lahore.
2010 Diverse Vision in Oman, Ejaz Galleries, Lahore.
2010 Group Exhibition by Young Artists, NCA, Lahore.
2010 Calligraphy and Media Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore.
2011 The Art of Calligraphy by Seven Calligraphers, Revivers gallery, Lahore.
2011 Concert of Colors, Group Exhibition, Omani Society, Oman.
2011 Art Expo Malaysia, Ejaz Galleries, Lahore.
2012 Calligraphic Art, Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore.
2012 Noon Walqalam Satrang Art Gallery Islamabad.
2012 Vision Gallery 6 Islamabad.
2012 Colors of Democracy National Assembly Islamabad.
2012 Sareere Khama, International Calligraphy Conference Lahore.
2012 National Calligraphy Exhibition by Ghazali Education Trust Lahore.