Hafiz Saeed

Hafiz Saeed Ahmad as a contemporary artist is one of Pakistan’s preeminent calligraphers whose
artworks are on display in some of the most prestigious museums (like University of
British Columbia, through its Museum of Anthropology- 2022) and private collections. He
started off as a Hafiz of the Holy Quran before dedicating a decade to studying calligraphy
under the tutelage of the great Gohar Qalam in Lahore. He uses the wisdom of writers,
poets, and philosophers from around the world to convey messages of peace.
Over the past 9 years, his artworks have continuously been some of most popular ones as he has a nearly perfect
blend of deeply-rooted classic training combined with a generational artistic talent, producing many of our time’s most
iconic calligraphy compositions.
Practicing Islamic calligraphy is a special endeavor, for it generates a sense of fulfillment in ways not immediately
associated with art itself, and that is due to the confluence, Hafiz Saeed Ahmad have seen every day occurring on
paper between the letters of religion that he form with inks and pens and the spiritual truths of those letters that rise up
from the physical plane to define and refine him. Here is an activity that has become much more than the pursuit of a
skillful craft.
Hafiz Saeed Ahmed
He always knew deep down that this was a possibility. “Never underestimate Allah’s generosity. He might raise you many
degrees by one simple, sincere effort.” As He pen each Arabic letter hoping to improve his flow with the kalam, the
anticipation of suddenly happening upon a treasure of meaning has turned his sometime hobby into an occupation that
fortifies his faith and proves a reliable antidote to stress and sullenness.
The art of Islamic penmanship is a bridge between the spiritual and material, the visual and the verbal. It is a living
tradition that has the capacity for self-renewal enabling Hafiz Saeed Ahmad to adopt a contemporary approach while
remaining true to his artistic heritage and the many years of study, linking him to the calligraphy masters of the past.
In 1999-2007, Hafiz Saeed Ahmad was awarded the Degree in Calligraphy. (Calligraphic Academy) from Lahore,
Pakistan. He got Diploma in Miniature in 2005-2006 from Naqsh School of Arts (inside bhati gate). His Teaching
• National College of Arts (NCA), Teacher of calligraphy 2007 to till now.
• 2007, visiting Faculty Kennard College Lahore.
• 2004-2006 Naqsh School of Arts. Teacher of Calligraphy.
• 2008, HunarQ'da College Model Town Lahore, Teacher of calligraphy.
• 2009, Workshops on Calligraphy Preston University Islamabad
Punjab University Lahore, Preston University Karachi, Iqra University Queta, Iqra University Peshawar
Home economics University Mirpur (Organized by Civic Education Centre Islamabad in Collaboration with British Council)
Awards and Recognition
• 2008, Calligraphic Competition on Baadshahi Mosque Lahore, Special Award.